About Us

We are a leading global company providing axial fans and services to the cooling industries worldwide.

Our patented products are installed in thousands of applications and operating in critical environments and challenging climates.

A team of Professionals are committed to support our Clients to step at highest technology levels.


In 2009 Dr. Robert Mosiewicz conceived an improved product line of axial fans that provided substantial customer benefits over the currently available fan designs. The goal was to surpass earlier accomplishment when in 1975 he developed an axial fan product line that revolutionized the world of axial fans. This improved line was so successful it convinced many packaged cooling tower manufacturers to switch to this superior product at a lower cost. The success of this company’s axial fans resulted from the optimization of four primary fan characteristics: efficiency, noise, price, and quality control. The company’s success was sustained by a continued commitment in research and development.

A detailed analysis within the past few years has shown a stagnant axial fan market with no significant improvements introduced. Although the four primary characteristics for optimizing fan designs remain valid, the industry is observing that larger diameter fans in cooling towers and air cooled condensers are more frequently being utilized. These equipment designs are locating the fans in closer proximity to one another on even larger units. These multi-cell units very often experience vibration problems which are difficult and quite often expensive to solve. Should a fifth attribute be added to the original four primary characteristics, it would be the reduction or elimination of vibration. This will be an industry driving change. To achieve this new goal, Dr. Mosiewicz assembled an experienced team of experts to design and test fans, including the latest objective of reducing the inherent vibration plaguing modern day installations. After extensive effort, the new product line was developed, tested, and manufactured. To verify all aspects of the fan design, an agreement was made with one of the largest fan users in the market, to exclusively use and test this new fan design for two years. At the end of that time the agreement was terminated and in 2012, Dr. Mosiewicz’s new company was incorporated to bring these fans to the global marketplace. That new company is Axial Fans Int. (Axial Fan International)