Cooling Tower Components

Based on the extended experience cumulated working on analyzing and improving cooling systems, AFI as developed also a new state of the art cooling tower components family named "SMARTCOOLS“. As a perfect combination, SMARTCOOLS are "no-compromises“ components designed to operate with the SMARTFANS impellers family and optimize the cooling chain by:

Reduce operating costs, overall.

DT-600 Heavy Duty Film filling

AFI developed a new patented thermoforming process focused on film thickness control in order to get very robust and reliable foils. This process is capable to assure an even thickness of the PVC foil also in the most critical area and to create very thick foils edges (up to 600 µm)

DW-180 Drift Eliminators

It’s a new chevron type drift eliminators specifically designed for cooling tower revamping. The geometry and the special textured surface is a great trade-off between the ability to catch water droplets up to 0.002% of the circulating flowrate and the pressure drops generated by the air stream. The strong and quick mechanical connection of the blades guarantees easy installation and maintenance.

UD-250 Water Spray Nozzle

Nowadays cooling systems are operated in a very variable range of water flow rate and pressure. Also quality of the water could be very different during the year when rivers and wells changes. Nozzles must be able to assure the best water distribution in each condition. AFI designed a family of PP nozzles, with rotating or static distribution cones, able to operate with low pressure and variable flow rates.

SA-280 Water Splash Noise Attenuator

A low noise fan cannot be enough in a cooling tower.

The level of noise generated by the water splashing in the basin could be very tough to fight. We have designed a practical system to reduce the splashing effects and therefore mitigate the noise. The geometry of each element and the selected materials allow the system to resist to the water load, minimize vibration and avoid reverberation. Easy to install, can fit a large range of new and existing concrete and FRP cooling tower layouts.